The Covenants and Restrictions of RockingHorse (the “Covenants”) were recorded on April 11, 2007 and are applicable to the homes within the Inspiration Community.  The Covenants are administered and enforced by the Inspiration Metropolitan District (the “District,” which was formerly known as RockingHorse Metropolitan District No. 2).  The Covenants largely address architectural approval requirements and use restrictions that are applicable to the homes in the Inspiration community.

Architectural Review

  • Any exterior improvement or change an owner is wanting to make to his or her home or lot must first be approved by the Board of Directors of the District.  The Board of Directors of the District may appoint a representative or a committee to act on its behalf in reviewing and deciding upon any such improvements or changes submitted by owners.
  •  The Board of Directors of the District may adopt Design Guidelines to assist owners in putting together plans for any exterior improvements or changes, and to guide the Board of Directors (or any representative or committee appointed by it) in reviewing any submitted plans.
  • After the Board of Directors receives complete plans, specification and other materials or information required by it for a requested improvement or change, the Board of Directors must make its decision within 45 days thereafter.  If the Board of Directors does not approve any plans within this 45 day period, the plans are deemed denied.
  • Once any plans are approved by the Board of Directors, the owner must complete the approved improvement or change within six months after the date of the approval.
  • Upon completion of any approved improvement or change, the owner must deliver a “notice of completion” to the Board of Directors of the District.
  • The Board of Directors has the right to inspect improvements and changes, to correct things that are not in compliance and to otherwise enforce to ensure improvements or changes are completed in compliance with the approved plans.

Use Restrictions

The covenants impose several restrictions relative to the homes and residents in the Inspiration community, including, but not limited to, restrictions related to the following:

 Home businesses
Temporary structures
Heating and cooling equipment
Satellite dishes and antennas

Lights, sounds and odors
Grading and Drainage



In addition to the covenants and restrictions contained in the Covenants, the Board of Directors of the District may also adopt other rules relative to the community.

In the event of a violation of the Covenants or any rules and regulations, the District is able to impose fines on the violating owner, after providing proper notice.  If fines are not effective, the District may bring a lawsuit against the owner in violation to obtain compliance.


 The Inspiration Residential Improvement Guidelines for All Lots (Updated June 2018) (the “Guidelines”) were adopted by the Board of Directors of the District to assist owners in planning exterior improvements or changes to their homes or lots.  It sets forth certain standards for specified improvements, and, in some instances, establishes pre-approved designs for several types of improvements.  Also, there are some improvements which will not require approval from the Board of Directors.  The Guidelines also outline the process for owners to follow in requesting approval for any desired exterior improvement or change. 

Please refer to the Guidelines for complete details, but the following is a list of some of the specific improvements addressed in the Guidelines:

Additions and expansions to homes
Air conditioning equipment
Antenna and satellite dishes
Awnings and patio covers
Basketball backboards
Decks and patios
Dog houses and dog runs

Hot tubs
Play structures and sports equipment
Seasonal decorations
Statues and fountains
Trash containers and enclosures

Please note that you are only able to change out the color of your home to your builder's colors provided below. The coloring cannot be utilized by a home across or next to you within 4 homes. 

Cal Atlantic Exterior Colors
David Weekley Exterior Colors
Dream Finders Exterior Colors
Lennar Exterior Colors
Meritage Exterior Colors
Richmond Exterior Colors
Toll Brothers Colors Exterior Colors



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